The Aims of the 5th Conference

The Aims of the 5th International Conference on Modern Developments in Management, Economics and Accounting:


General Aims of the Conference:    

  • The aim of the International Conference on Innovations in Business administration and Economics is to promote the quality of Business administration and Economics, by introducing scientific and practical potential and also studying the needs and necessities of the education of the abovementioned facts, then pay to analyze, train and research by recognition of attitudes, new experiences and analysis of development practical and theoretical dimensions.
  • Founding and continuing international discourses in concepts, theories and opinions related to conference axes
  • Establishing proper opportunity for exchanging information and providing new research achievements among scientists, researchers, industrialists, university students
  • Grounding in promoting all active and effective persons and organs for using new technologies in engineering sciences
  • Developing and propagating culture of research in conference subjects
  • Establishing creative interaction and  and Developing and propagating culture of research in conference subjects
  • Establishing more connection among scientific and executive organs in realizing conference axes


Detailed Aims of the Conference:

  • Studying challenges in specialized areas of  Business administration and Economics
  • Promoting private sector in using new technologies in  Business administration and Economics
  • Studying barriers and approaches of Business administration and Economics
  • Recognizing and identifying indices of Business administration and Economics
  • Familiarizing of students with subjects related to Business administration and Economics
  • Establishing proper ground for transferring knowledge 
  • Familiarizing with new concepts in Business administration and Economics